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Audi from Auto-Union to Volkswagen to one of Europe’s finest.

Your Audi is finely engineered European vehicle. The name Audi is known for vehicles that are safe, reliable and offer superb road manners. Audi’s world known “Quattro” all-wheel drive system offers you good handling and safety in all weather conditions. Keeping your Audi running and driving in ultimate condition takes quality parts and expert Audi parts professionals. At Euro Parts Direct we offer the best in Audi parts at the best pricing, We have over 30 years experience in selling Audi  parts. Our expert sales staff has over 100 years combined parts knowledge and customer service expertise. Euro Parts Direct offers one of the most extensive Audi  parts inventories available. Shipping is fast and free on orders over $49.00. So if you drive a classic Coupe Quattro or a modern A4 or ALL-Road buy your Audi parts from an industry leader in quality, service, experience and knowledge.. One of Europe’s finest cars deserves the best in parts and knowledge available from  Euro Parts Direc
Audi from a very humble start to one of Europe’s best.

Audi can trace its roots back as far as 1899 when August Horch started making automobiles. In the early part of the 20th century Horch GMBH produced automobiles that rivaled Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce and Duesenberg in stature and grandeur. Horch himself would leave the company that bore his name and form what would become Audi. Due to trademark regulations Horch was not allowed to use his own name on any product. In an apartment in Cologne a group of business partners and family came up with the name “Audi” In Latin it means “hark” or to “hear” The first car bearing the Audi name was delivered in 1910.Only 11 Audi’s were made that year..By the 1920’s Audi was known for building fine road and sporting cars..

Did You Know??

 In 1932 Audi introduced the first six cylinder front wheel drive car available in the European market. Known as the “Audi Front” it had a 40 horsepower six cylinder engine. The engine and drivetrain were turned 180 degrees so the driveshaft would face towards the front of the car. 

Audi from Auto-Union to Volkswagen to one of Europe’s finest.

In 1932 Audi would become part of the automotive giant Auto-Union. Consisting of Horch, Audi, DKW and Wanderer they were a German powerhouse. The largest selling brand at the time was DKW. With a 17.7% market share DKW produced affordable vehicles that reflected the times. Audi only had a 1.1% market share. By 1938 Auto-Union wanted to phase out the Audi brand. Only the on-set of WWII saved Audi as production shifted from auto to weapons. After World War II as with all of Germany’s factories Audi and Auto-Union was in ruins. The company known as Auto-Union AG was deleted from the corporate registers in 1948. A new company was formed and started producing DKW’s in the old Audi plant in 1949. The name Audi would not be used again till 1964

Did You Know??

The four ring Audi badge is symbol when Audi was part of the Auto-Union corporation. The four rings stand for the four companies..Horch, Audi, DKW and Wanderer. The four ring logo was first used on early Auto-Union race cars only. Audi would not use the logo till well after World War II.

VW brings back the Audi name. Audi becomes a favorite.

Auto-Union and the Audi name would survive many changes and mergers in the 1950’s and 1960’s..By 1964 VW purchased a 50% holding in the company. Wanting the DKW factories to increase Beetle production. VW decided the name DKW and its connection to its pre-WWII two stroke engine was a poor marketing strategy. VW dropped the DKW name and gave the name Audi to its new line of modern cars in 1965. Since that time Audi has moved forward in leaps and bounds. Audi produced one of the first wind tunnel designed cars the Audi 5000 in 1983. The would also be one of the first to use all-wheel drive systems. Known as Quattro it set the standard for the industry. Going from a semi-stodgy car to amazing vehicles like the S4 and TT has been a journey for Audi. With that history and dedication your Audi deserves the best in parts and knowledge that come from Euro Parts Direct  parts professionals. Let Euro Parts Direct and our experienced sales staff be your first choice for quality parts for your Audi..

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