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Your Land Rover was made Safari tough. Your parts should be the same.

Your Land Rover is a ruggedly built European vehicle. Capable of forging a river or driving down the boulevard in comfort and British style. Keeping your Land Rover running and driving in proper condition takes quality parts and expert Land Rover parts professionals. At Euro Parts Direct we offer the best in Land Rover parts at the best pricing, We have over 30 years experience in selling Land Rover parts. Our expert sales staff has over 100 years combined parts knowledge and customer service expertise. Euro Parts Direct offers one of the most extensive Land Rover parts inventories available. Shipping is fast and free on orders over $49.00. So if you drive a Range Rover Classic or a LR4 buy your Land Rover parts from an industry leader in quality, service, experience and knowledge.. So if you are plowing thru the jungle or heading to the opera buy your Land Rover parts from  Euro Parts Direct

Land Rover from the start made for off-roading.

Land Rover was the idea of then Rover engineer Maurice Wilks. The first running Land Rovers were produced in 1947. In 1948 the “Series I” was produced. These Series I,II, and III would solidify Land rover’s reputation as a durable go anywhere vehicle. They would become vehicle of choice for the British Army. Built on a full ladder frame they were produced almost unchanged till 1985. All Series I,II and III could all be started with a hand crank..

Did You Know??

Rover engineer Maurice Wilks was so taken by the Jeep while taking holiday in the Wales he decided to design his own rugged 4x4. The first protypes were produced in 1947 and rode on Jeep chassis’s.

Land Rover moves from the jungle to the street.

As far back as 1951 Land Rover wanted to have a larger more civilian vehicle. For different reasons the idea was shelved till 1967 when the first Range Rover prototypes were being tested. Production models hit the streets in 1969. These more plush 4x4’s were inspired by the Jeep Wagoneer and the growing SUV market. It wasn’t till 1987 that the first Range Rover’s were officially available in the USA. These 4x4 living rooms would change the entire concept of off roading and 4x4 vehicles. Loaded with leather and fine woods they opened the doors for luxury trucks..

Did You Know??

The first running Land Rover prototypes were produced in 1947. Making Land Rover the 2nd longest produced 4x4 vehicle behind Jeep..

From Range Rover to Discovery..Land Rover becomes a common sight on the streets of the USA.

The Range Rover would become the luxury all purpose vehicle for people who wanted status with something a little different. In 1994 Land Rover introduced the Discovery to the USA market. This ¾ scale Range Rover at a more affordable would be a top seller in the American marketplace. Land Rover would go on to introduce updated vehicles such as the Freelander and the LR4. Till today a Land Rover is a common sight on the streets of the USA. If you use your Land Rover for safari or going to the grocery store your Land Rover deserves the best in parts and knowledge that come from Euro Parts Direct  parts professionals. Let Euro Parts Direct and our experienced sales staff be your first choice for quality parts for your Land Rover..
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