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Saab born from Jets. Your parts should fly as high.

Saab’s have always been a great way. People who drive Saab’s understand that they drive one of the most unique vehicles on the road.  At Euro Parts Direct we not only offer the best in Saab parts at the best pricing, but we have over 30 years experience in selling Saab parts. Our expert sales staff has over 100 years combined parts knowledge and customer service expertise. Euro Parts Direct offers one of the most extensive Saab parts inventories available. Shipping is fast and free on orders over $49.00. So if you drive a classic 900 Turbo, or a modern 9-3 or 9-5 buy your Saab parts from an industry leader in quality, service, experience and knowledge.. Don’t sell your Saab or yourself short buy your parts from  Euro Parts Direct

Saab from planes to wind cheating automobiles.

In 1944 Saab would start a three year project known as project 92. By 1947 the Saab 92001 or Saab 92 was born. Ready for production by 1949 the Saab 92 would sell over 20,000 units thru the mid 1950’s..By 1955 Saab would completely redesign the 92 thus becoming the legendary 93. Going from a  two cylinder two stroke to a three cylinder two stroke engine. The late 1950’s would also see Saab venture to performance models such as the 94 and Sonnet. By the early 1960’s Saab would introduce the 96. A vastly improved model it was Saab’s first big seller outside of Sweden. Over 560,000 were sold worldwide. Saab was getting ready to become modern...

Did You Know??

The first Saab motor vehicle was built in 1947. Showing its aircraft roots the Saab 92001 featured a drag coefficient of only 0.30.The lowest of any car at the time. 

Saab says goodbye to two stroke and hello to the turbo.

The first totally new Saab model introduced in 19 years was the 1968 Saab 99.With this new car Saab broke all ties with the old two stroke models and entered what is now considered Saab traditions. Things like a wrap around windshields, front wheel drive and the now classic Saab look. The next model the 900 introduced in 1977 would go on to become Saab’s biggest seller with over 1,000,000 produced worldwide. The 900 would be available with turbocharged engines and the first convertible produced by Saab in 1986.

Did You Know??

Introduced in 1985 the Saab 9000 was the companies first luxury car. It shared it’s platform with the Alfa 164 and the Lancia Thema. Making it Saab’s first shared platform car.

Saab gets a following in the USA and keeps it’s “Saab-ness”

As the 1980’s pass into the 1990’s, Saab introduces new and more popular models. Cars like the 9000, 9-3, 9-5 and Viggen make Saab a sought after and loved make in the USA. Even with ownership by GM and now Spyker Saab has never lost it’s “Saab-ness”. We hope Saab continues to prosper and make fine and different vehicles. That is why your Saab deserves the best in parts and knowledge that come from Euro Parts Direct  parts professionals. Let Euro Parts Direct and our experienced sales staff be your first choice for quality parts for your Saab.

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